Monday, 28 April 2014

Life Through My Phone

So the last few weeks feel like one big blur. An amazing blur but they have flown by pretty fast. With the greatness which is technology today, pretty much everyone has a smartphone so a camera is on hand to document a few of these moments.

Since last weekend being Easter bank holiday, with two extra days of the weekend, it ended up being a weekend jam packed with a lot more stuff. Normally my Easter bank holiday’s are spent not doing very much just relaxing and spending time with family, but this one was a little different .. in a great way!

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Thursday Drinks
With the work day drawing to a close and the extended weekend approaching it was time to celebrate with a few drinks. The evening started at a local bar with a few drinks with people from work. As nights like this normally do, it didn’t stop at a few drinks as planned. I headed to meet some friends in Covent Garden, for a quick drink and then to head home.. but one turned into two turned into three and so on…
Although I may sound a little like an alcoholic, I’m not. It’s just nice to let lose once in a while.

I find living so close to London is great! In just a short 20 minute train ride I’m in london.. Obviously the time does vary depending on where in London I want to go, but nonetheless I love it and get a lot of reading done on my numerous train journeys. So Friday we headed to Southbank with the intention of going to watch some comedy at the Uderbelly Festival, we thought we might be able to see some free comedy. Sadly we were left disappointed as all the shows were in the evening and we couldn’t make them, but the festival goes on until 13th July, so hopefully we can go and see something Smile I do love a good laugh.
The journey wasn’t wasted however. Instead I was taken.. well more like dragged to try ‘London's best burger!’ Now I, like most was sceptical, but this was a pretty damn good burger! and I have to say probably the best I’ve ever tasted, although I can’t claim to be an expert in burger tasting. If you want to give it a try and decide for yourself head to Bleeker Steet Burger Joint. I’d love to know your thoughts, or your favourite place to eat.

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(Sorry I didn’t take many pictures there. Sometimes I’m just having a good time and don’t realise until afterwards.. ‘ooh damn that would have been a good thing to blog about, wish I had taken some/more pictures’)

A Trip to London Zoo

Sometimes I feel like I am just a big kid. I love loads of fun things that are meant to be just for kids but I can’t help get a buzz of excitement and butterflies in my tummy when I can asked to do something fun! I haven’t been to the zoo in years so was extremely excited to go to the London Zoo, which I’d actually never been to before! I just love animals, which made this trip extra special and even more exciting. Here’s a few of the cuties I managed to get a snap of... and one (not so cute picture) of me as a monkey, I couldn’t walk passed it and not take a picture now could I!

IMG_1663 IMG_1670 IMG_1676IMG_1683 IMG_1687 IMG_1689IMG_1692 IMG_1693 IMG_1697 

After the zoo we took a walk up Primrose Hill which is just opposite London Zoo, in Camden. I'd never been there and was told that apparently you can see the whole of London from the very time of the hill, I have to be honest I didn’t quite believe it, I mean the hill didn’t look high enough for that. So we walked to the very top and I was told not to look back until I had made it all the way to the peck and OH MY!! I’m so glad I did, when I finally did look around I was taken aback by the amazing view! I don’t think this picture does it quiet enough justice. If you’re in the area I definitely recommend you take a trip up there and see for yourself!


and that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into what I’ve been up to lately. Bye for now!

Gema Xo

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