Saturday, 2 August 2014

HOLI ONE Festival Fashion

HOLI Festival Fashion

HOLI ONE Festival Fashion by gemarolfe featuring jean shorts, a lot of white and a splash of colour

Some of you may be thinking 'what the hell is HOLI ONE festival' and a good few months ago I would have joined you in asking the same question.  

HOLI ONE festival is a festival of colour, inspired by the original Indian Holi Fest. Although this is not a religious event, HOLI ONE is all about celebrating togetherness and the colours of every day life. With music, friends and powder paint thrown into the mix, it's sure to be a day of fun, laughter and making memories.

Although, there's still the festival vibe, HOLI ONE colour festival is a little different to the rest. A love for white is best for this fest .. haha see what I did there. Like most festival, when it comes to clothing pretty much anything goes. I recommend a lot of white, either a cute white dress or a plain white top paired with the much loved denim shorts.

I love the simpleness of this festival, it's such a fab idea. I know they're are HOLI ONE Festivals taking place in London and Nottingham, but I'm sure there are more around, here's a link if I've grabbed you attention and you're interested in knowing more (click here).

If you're lucky enough to be able to go, have fun and don't be scared to get a little messy!

Gema x

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