Monday, 10 March 2014

Weekend Break: A Trip To Birmingham

So I had a bit of a whirlwind of a few weeks. Things have defiantly changed over such a small amount of time. Can’t say I’m complaining though, things are looking up and I hope they stay that way! I do love keeping busy but it can be hard to find time to write at the moment, I really do need to sort that out. You can never be too busy to do something you enjoy :)

My friend Emma is studying at University in Birmingham, so me and a few of my other friends thought it would be a nice idea to make a visit. I had never been Birmingham before so it was also another excuse to broaden my horizon and see more of England. It's surprising that even though its my home country how little I’ve actually seen on England.

We all travelled up to Birmingham on Friday evening after work. The journey took a little longer than it normally would have as we decided to try and keep travelling costs to a minimum and get the cheapest train possible and after living just before 9pm we arrived at her door as the clock was striking 12am. But for £3.95! (London to Birmingham one way) you can’t really complain. Although on the train we were all finding it hard to keep our eyes open, as soon as we were in the house, the kettle was put on and we had a good old natter. Have to say we went to sleep pretty late than night or should I say morning, what can I say we had a lot to catch up on :)


Saturday we decided, as many of us had never been to Birmingham before, we would let Emma be our tour guide and take a stroll around the city. I have to say I quite liked it there. It may have been the excitement of going somewhere different and seeing some new sight, but I liked the city, there were lots of different types of buildings, old and new and lots things to do and see.

We took a trip around the City Centre and came across Birmingham City library, now I know what you’re properly thinking, why would you go to a new city and head to the library! Well as you can see from the outside, it’s not just a normal library, this one is huge and we couldn’t help but have a wonder inside. With the promise of a glass lift and a roof garden, how could we say no?

We then had a wonder round the shops and down a few little side streets to see if we could find any little places hidden away from the crowd. We got lucky when we stumble across this cute little coffee place, which for the life of me I can not remember it name, I really wish I could. It sold the most amazing cakes! After a few hours wondering around the city it was just what we needed to restore our energy.

In the evening we went to Birmingham Uni’s Student Union and had a great night, it was a bit of a maze, with so many rooms and not knowing exactly where we were going. But I loved the music in all of the different rooms, which doesn’t happen very often. As you can probably tell I had a great weekend get-away to Birmingham and I would love to revisit it again one day!
Gema xo

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  1. That library was gorgeous. Glad you posted pictures of it.
    xx, Michelle