Sunday, 15 June 2014

Festival Fever

Festival Collage

Festival season is finally upon us and I for one am so excited!! I love a good festival and this year I’m heading to Glastonbury. I can not wait till the 25th, when I’ll be all set with rucksack and tent, boarding the train and heading to Somerset with my friends to chill out, listen to great music and generally just have a great time. I've been to a few festivals in the past, Reading was my first in 2010 and Creamfield the year after, both were really different, but equally amazing. Sadly I didn't end up going to one last year, but this break has made me even more excited for this years Glastonbury, eeekkkk!

With lots of other festivals going on all around the world, I’m sure lots of you reading this will be just as excited as I am. As Glastonbury grows closer and closer, I find myself day dreaming about what I’m going to wear and how I’m going to narrow it all down, so I can fit everything into my bag and not brake my back carrying it all.. this is going to be tough.

A little bit of festival inspiration…
festival things
1. Crochet Jumper, Boohoo 2. Flower Head Garland, New Look 3. Neon Nail Vanish, Topshop 4. Retro Sunglasses, New Look 5. Floral Playsuit, Miss Selfridge 6. Hair Chalk, Topshop 7. Cotton Embroidered Vest, ILWF 8. Demin Dungaree Shorts, New Look 9. Crop Top, New Look 10. Embroidered Hot Pants, Topshop 11. Straw Hat, Forever21 12. Parker, Boohoo 13. Hunter Wellies, ASOS 14. Knee High Strip Socks, ASOS 15. Festival Tent, Field Candy

I love the relaxedness of festivals. My favourite clothes to wear are comfy clothes and there’s nothing quite like the festival look. I absolutely love the fun free festival style and find myself scrolling through Printerest for hours, looking at festival looks. Where else could you get away with wearing wellies all day and actually look cool? I can’t wait to just live in denim shorts, floaty tops and wellies, it’s such an effortless look. Chuck on a few colourful accessories, maybe a hat or kimono, some sunnies and ta dah.. the festival chic is complete!

Let me know if you’re going to any festivals or what you’re up to this summer? I’m so happy the sun is making an appearance a lot more these days :)
Gema Xo

*Pictures found on Pinterest


  1. I'd love to go to a festival this summer! That tent is so pretty!


    1. I do love a good festival! It's really nice isn't it, a little pricey though :(