Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Race For Life: The Big Day

So as you may already know, if your a ready who follows my blog or a friend or family, the other weekend I ran 5K, like many many others, to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Now, this was the first time I'd actually taken part in anything like this, my mum ran it last year but although I managed to be there to support her I didn't run. This year however, we did it together :)
Although I did do some training here and there, running around my local park, I have to say I never actually completed the 5k in any of my training runs. So I was a little anxious to how this was going to go - would I actually be able to finish the race without stopping, which was my goal.

But race day came around quicker than I thought it would and I had to push these negative thoughts away and just do my best.

Now through my training runs, what I had learnt was I'm not all the keen on running - not exactly one of the things you really want to learn when you have a 5k run ahead! Although on the day, running race for life, I had so much fun. It was way better than any of my practise runs.

With the crowds cheering and shouting words of encouragement all the way along the track, I found my motivation and completed the goal I set myself - I ran all the way round and finished in 30 minutes! I was really happy and extremely knackered after - it had to be one of the hottest days of the year, didn't it.

I just want to say thank you so much for your donations to my just giving page. I am really grateful for all of your support. I really do enjoy raising money for a good cause. If you still want to donate, don't worry there's still time, my just giving page is open until the 27th June, just click here to make a donation.

What should I do next? If you have any ideas or have done anything different and interesting to raise money for charity please let me know, I'd love to do something a bit different next year.

Gema Xo