Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Crafting: Personalised Coasters

I find a personalised gift is alway a little more special than a shop bought one. The personalised coasters are easy to make and are a sure fired way to put a smile on someones face, or even brighten up your home.

First things first, here's everything you need to get started:

Mod Podge and paint brush
Cork, or cork coasters (You either cut the shaped coaster you want from a piece of cork or you can do what I did and get pre cut ones. I thought this would be a lot easier and would make sure they're all symmetrical.)

Step One

I you decided to cut you own coaster, this will be the perfect time to cut these to the size and shape you want.

Next up you'll need to cut out your photos so they're the same size as your coaster. All you need to do is turn your photo over so you have the blank size facing up and trace around your coaster with you pen. Then simple cut around your markings.

Step Two

You'll now need your Mod Podge and this is where things can get a little message, so make sure you put down some newspaper so you don't get glue absolutely everywhere, like I almost did.

With you paint brush (I didn't have a paint brush so used an old foundation brush, which did the job just as well.. waste not want not eh?) take a bit of the Mod Podge and cover one side of your coaster.

Next take one of your photos and place this on top, holding it firmly in place while the glue dries. Once your picture has dried firmly in place, pick up your brush again and cover you photo with a layer of Mod Podge. Let this dry fully and then add another coat.

Once your coaster is dry trim off any bit that hanging over the edge of your coaster.

And there you go. Follow these steps for all of your coasters until you have a full set. I did six but you can do as many as you like.

Try with a ribbon and your gift is all set.

I made these for my Mum for Christmas. She loved then, here face literally lit up when she unwrapped them. I don't know about you but I love giving gifts I know the person will love and they're fun to make. I enjoyed going through our old photo albums and reminiscing while I picked out the perfect ones.

G x

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